Firearms Courses That Satisfy Girl Guide And Scouts Canada Badges: What To Expect

Posted on: 29 October 2015

Whether you join Girl Guides of Canada or Scouts Canada as a boy or girl, eventually you will want to complete all of your requirements for your outdoor recreation badges. This includes learning how to shoot guns properly and safely. You can complete these courses either with your troop or alone with your parent or guardian supervising. Here is what you can expect after you enroll in a firearms course that satisfies your badge requirements.

Firearms Safety

First and foremost, you will be taught firearms safety. This may mean several minutes on the target range with no shooting involved, or it may mean several hours in a classroom learning about the different parts of a gun, how to clean it safely, how to aim a gun, how to fire a gun, and what types of protective equipment you need to wear while on the range. It all depends on the type of course you take and through which organization you take the course.

Shooting with BB Guns 

More often than not, when you contact an organization in regards to a Canadian firearms course or firearms shooting course for your scouting badges, you will be trained on BB guns. These are the only guns that can shoot both rubber shot and metal shot, which makes them ideal for teaching scouts how to shoot and avoid injuries. As you prove to the instructor that you practice firearms safety and practice it well, you will move from rubber shot to metal shot in your BB gun for target practice. BB guns are frequently used in beginner firearms courses for scouts. Hand guns and rifles are used in intermediate and advanced courses for scouts who already have taken and passed firearms safety and the beginner course.

Training and Shooting with Protective Equipment

Most beginner firearms courses may provide protective eyewear and noise-canceling headphones to protect your eyes and ears from shot or bullets that bounce back and the noise-deafening sounds on a shooting range. Other courses may lend you the eyewear and headphones until you have purchased your own. If you intend to take intermediate and advanced firearms courses to fulfill your badge requirements in graduated levels of scouting, you should definitely buy your own safety goggles and headphones because the intermediate and advanced course instructors will typically expect you to provide your own. You will not be allowed on the shooting range without proper protective equipment, regardless of your level of experience with guns.