Useful And Fun Reasons To Charter A Helicopter

Posted on: 7 October 2015

Chartered helicopter rides are a favorite for many tourists in areas like the Grand Canyon and are a way for creative boyfriends to propose to their loved ones. Companies that sell these services to the public are willing to fly anywhere, as long as it is safe and the air space is not restricted. This makes it possible to hire them for a number of reasons. Here are a few ideas.  

Scout out Hunting Spots

No matter what is being hunted, wildlife is always the most abundant in remote, hard to access areas. Scouting out the perfect spot is time consuming and exhausting. It is especially frustrating when it takes a weekend to explore a few miles, only to discover the area is not as promising as it seemed. Helicopter rides make it easy to see miles of territory in minutes. With a GPS system, the perfect location can be locked in and the best route mapped out when back on the ground.

Take Aerial Photos of Property

Some professional photographers make a fortune photographing homes from the air. People can do this for themselves in two ways. One is to purchase a drone, the other is in a helicopter. Even though photos taken from drones can be attractive, it is easier to try new angles and effects when handling the camera personally. Plus, a helicopter ride is a lot more fun.

Entertain Out of Town Guests

Every friend or family member from out of town wants their host to show them around. What better way is there to make it so they can tell everybody back home that they actually saw everything? Point out specific features, historic places or scenic areas while up in the air and then take them to visit those places up close when back on the ground.

Arrive in Style

Limo rides and a horse and carriage have been used to drop off people at proms and weddings for years. Why not show up in something no one will be expecting? Obviously, this is not always going to work for churches and schools in busy urban areas, but when it is possible, it will be spectacular.

Contact a charter company before finalizing too many plans to be certain they are able to help. Find out about prices, weight or passenger limits, and any other information that is pertinent to the event. Be certain to book their services well in advance and have a backup plan in case bad weather keeps everyone grounded. 

For a professional charter service, contact a company such as Qwest Helicopters Inc.